Live tweeting World War I

Live tweeting usually refers to somebody tweeting about an event live, as it happens. There are twitter accounts that live tweet the events of World War I – exactly 100 years later. Both are worth to check out. In fact in my opinion they complement each other nicely.


Students of Masters in European Contemporary History of the University of Luxembourg are tweeting from the account @realtimeWW1, as a part of their Digital Humanities class, and will continue to work on the project until 2018. Their goal as stated on their website is to foster the interest in WWI outside historians and students:

A battle in 140 signs. A whole peace negotiation put into two lines. History written in tweets. The interest in dates and facts of contemporary history is growing, going beyond academic circles. The Master students of European Contemporary History at the University of Luxembourg made it their business to go beyond – via social media. To present some curious historical facts.

This account is focusing on accurate sources and often tweets pictures of historical newspapers or documents.


A second account that has started a similar project is @RealTimeWWI.This account seems to be run by a group of militaria collectors. Their mission statement is:

Follow every day what has happened during WWI. It has officially started with the 100 year of the assassination of the Archduke on 28 June 2014.

This account tweets less documents and more pictures.

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