The Road to World War I – part 2: Recommended Podcasts

In this second part of recommended media about the road to World War I, we will look at two excellent audio podcasts.

The BBC produced a lot of high quality audio content for the 100th anniversary of the beginning of First World War. There are two series – also released as podcasts – that explore the road to World War I. One is focus on the UK before the war, the other covers the 43 days right before the war.

1913: The Year Before

In this podcast Michael Portillo (who used to be a conservative politician in the UK) gives an overview of the political and socioeconomic situation in the UK in 1913. Main areas of coverage include social unrest and strikes, the Suffragette’s fight for the right to vote and the debates and near civil war about home rule for Ireland.

There are 10 episodes, each about 13 minutes long (plus two omnibus editions).Martin's History recommends for Enthusiast and Hardcore lovers of history

1914: Day by Day

Historian Margaret MacMillan chronicles the road to World War One in 1914. The podcast covers the 43 days and the events from the day Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria Hungary, arrives for a visit in Bosnia until the start of the First World War.

There are 43 episodes, each on average 4 minutes long (plus an omnibus editions).

Both podcasts are free and available on the BBC website and on iTunes.Martin's History recommends for Enthusiast, Hardcore lovers and pro of history

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1913: The Year Before:

1914: Day by Day:

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