This Year’s Theme: World War I

After World War I, war might be necessary but it would never again be glorious

– John Green (Crash Course World History #36)

My grandmother was born in Austria-Hungary close to the end of World War I. While my great grandfather had survived the war, he did soon after, having never fully recovered from the war.

Like so many European families, my family’s history was shaped by the two great wars fought in the last century. World War I started in 1914, now over a hundred years ago. The Great War (as it was called before people needed to name two world wars with roman numerals) will be the major initial theme of this blog.

World War I changed the world in ways unthinkable before. In the first industrial war millions died,  three great empires fell apart (Austria-Hungary and the Russian and Ottoman empires) and the maps of Europe and the Middle East were redrawn extensively.

Let us begin.

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