Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast

Dan Carlin has produced the Hardcore History podcast since 2006.

Each episode I have listened to was passionate, well researched, detailed and therefore obviously also long.

The podcast covers a wide range of historic topics from ancient to recent history (e.g. the Punic War, World War I, etc.). There are stand alone episodes and mulch-part series of episodes.
The most recent episodes (episodes 42 to 55) are available for free on iTunes and the website. Older episodes are available on the website behind a pay wall / for sale.

Martin's History recommends for Enthusiast and Hardcore lovers of historyWorld War I

I want to particularly recommend the 6 episode series about World War I: “Blueprint for Armageddon” (episodes 50 to 55). These episodes cover the important developments on the way to the war and the actual war.

I have read and listened to a lot of material about World War I in the last six months. No book or podcast could make it as transparent and understandable as Dan Carlin, what the war in the trenches on the western front actually meant for the soldiers. To make it clear, how much war had changes compared to previous wars and what people were expecting a war to be.

Update May 9th, 2015

Dan Carlin has just released the 6th and final episode of Blueprint for Armageddon. The text of the post was updated accordingly.

Update August 30th, 2015

Added our new recommendation box. Click on the box or here if you want an explanation.

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