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Extra Credits have recently finished their 4th Extra History series about the South Sea Bubble. This is a fascinating piece of British history that I had never heard of before. The bubble centered on the fortunes of the South Sea Company, founded in 1711 to trade (mainly in slaves) with Spanish America. As a public–private partnership it was used to consolidate and reduce the cost of national debt. Things got really interesting …


This is a good lesson. I hope we learn it someday


South Sea Bubble: Links to all Episodes

  1. South Sea Bubble I – The Sharp Mind of John Blunt
  2. South Sea Bubble II – Too Big to Fail
  3. South Sea Bubble III – Buying Out Britain
  4. South Sea Bubble IV – The Bubble Pops
  5. South Sea Bubble V – Knight’s Ledger
  6. South Sea Bubble – Lies – This bonus episode features corrections, clarifications and points of discussion

About Extra History

Extra History is a spin-off of Extra Credits a YouTube channel about game development. It features a unique and very pretty “hand drawn” visual style. The show is fully financed by crowd funding via Patreon.

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