Breaking the Enigma Code – Alan Turing

I have recently watched the movie The Imitation Game. The movie is about Alan Turing and how he was the key player to break the code of the German Enigma Machine in World War II. The Imitation Game is an excellent movie and I highly recommend to watch it. However as all historic movies it is not very historically accurate. In this article I have collected Information and videos about Allen Turing, The Enigma machine and how the Enigma code was ultimately broken.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician, a pioneer of computer science and an important participant in the British code code breaking operation at Bletchley Park during World War II.

To learn more about Alan Turing let us start with SciShow‘s Great minds Episode (ca. 3 1/2 minutes) which is dedicated to him.

The Enigma Machine and its Flaw

In this series of Numberphile videos Dr James Grime shows an original Enigma Machine and explains it’s function and it’s strength and weakness.

The first video explains how the machine works and how a massage is encoded.

The second video explains the weakness in the Enigma’s design that ultimately made it possible to break the code.

Alan Turing and The Imitation Game

When the movie The Imitation Game came out, Hank Green did a special episode of SciShow that includes a ten minute interview with the movie’s screenwriters.

Further Videos

If you are interested in additional videos and more details, there are three videos on Numberphile’s sister channel Computerphile in which Professor Brailsford gives a very detailed and in the last part also very personal view on the activities to crack the German code in Bletchley Park: Alan Turing and Enigma.


Pictures / Embedded Videos:

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