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Extra Credits have recently finished their 6th Extra History series about the Justinian and Theodora. This series covers one of the most interesting periods in the Byzantine Empire’s 1000 year long history: the rise of Justinian to Byzantine Emperor, his reforms, his triumphs and failures. A part of the series focuses on the victories that Justinian achieved together with his brilliant general Belisarius  and the attempts to re-conquer the lost western part of the Roman Empire and the ancient city of Rome in particular.

Updated in January/March 2016: Extra Credits produced a second series which covers the second part of Justinian’s reign.

Byzantine Empire: Justinian and Theodora – Links to all Episodes

Series I

  1. Justinian and Theodora – I: From Swineherd to Emperor
  2. Justinian and Theodora – II: The Reforms of Justinian
  3. Justinian and Theodora – III: Purple is the Noblest Shroud
  4. Justinian and Theodora – IV: Vanquishing the Vandals
  5. Justinian and Theodora – V: Impossible Burden of Fate
  6. Justinian and Theodora – VI: Fighting for Rome
  7. Justinian and Theodora – Lies (bonus episode)
    This bonus episode features corrections, clarifications and points of discussion

Series II

  1. Justinian & Theodora – VII: The Cracks Begin to Spread
  2. Justinian & Theodora – VIII: Bad Faith
  3. Justinian & Theodora – IX: Justinian’s Comet
  4. Theodora – X: This is My Empire
  5. Justinian & Theodora – XI: The Emperor Who Never Sleeps
  6. Justinian – XII: Caesar I was, and am Justinian
  7. Justinian & Theodora – Lies 2 (bonus episode)

Updated in January/March 2016 with new episodes (Series II: episodes VII and following)

About Extra History

Extra History is a spin-off of Extra Credits a YouTube channel about game development. It features a unique and very pretty “hand drawn” visual style. The show is fully financed by crowd funding via Patreon.

Note: Since Extra Credits have reached multiple funding goals on Patrean, they produce and release one episode per week. This is a lot of high quality content, but too much for us to fully cover . Thus we will focus on Extra History series that we particularly like or that cover areas of special interest for us.

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