E-mail Subscription and other Site Enhancements

In the last week we have added a couple of new features and enhancements to the site.

  • We have started our own (and still a bit experimental) YouTube channel
  • We have added an e-mail Subscription option for readers who don’t use social media or who want to be informed about new content on the site regularly but less frequently.
  • New menu item: Subscribe / Social
    All our social media and subscription options are listed and explained on this page.
  • Added YouTube and e-mail subscription to the social link icons on the top left (in red) and bottom right of each page.
  • Improved twitter integration with twitter cards. A link to the site shared with twitter looks much better.
  • [Update August 30th, 2015]
    Introduced our new recommendation box and added retroactively to some of our articles.
    Click on the box or here if you want an explanation.
    Martin's History recommends for Casual, Enthusiast and Hardcore lovers and pro of history

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Photo By Luis Llerena via Unsplash [Creative Commons Zero license]