World War I in Hundreds of Videos: The Great War

The Great War is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to show the history of the First World War. Very detailed. Every week. For four years.

World War I in Hundreds of Videos

Written and presented by Indy Neidell, every video is 5 to 10 minutes long. Each week at least one video is published that explains what happened in this week, one hundred years ago, during the war. So far over 100 videos were published and when the project concludes there will be over 300 videos.

The videos cover all areas of the war: the western front, the eastern front, Africa, Asia, and Middle East. Additionally there are special episodes dedicated to particular topics.

The show is professionally produced and additionally supported by crowd funding via Patreon.

Different types of episodes

There are also separate playlists available on the channel page on YouTube.

  • The normal weekly episodes that summarize what happened in the war in this weeks
  • Out of the Trenches – audience questions and answers
  • Special episodes (e.g. recap episodes, particular counties in WWI, how the war started, etc.)

This video gives a short overview what the channel offers.
(embedded below)

Highly Recommended

There are two things that I particularly like about this project.

  1. That equal attention is given to the different fronts. Too often World War I is presented mostly from a French/British/German perspective and overly focused on the western front.
  2. Thanks to a cooperation with British Pathé there is a lot of original video material from World War I that is used effectively in the episodes.

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