Objectivity – a YouTube Channel about Cool Historic Objects

Making anything that involves archives into something interesting and entertaining is no mean feat, but Brady Haran pulls this off with Objectivity, our pick of the week.

Videos about Cool Historic Objects

Objectivity is a YouTube channel about cool historic objects. To be more precise it tells the story of some of the most interesting historic objects which are preserved in the Royal Society’s extensive collections of manuscripts, papers, records, books and things.

While I spend a good amount of time in libraries when I was attending university, I did not see many archives and I certainly never got to see the kind of interesting / precious objects that these videos are about.

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For a short introduction of the Channel by Brady Haran himself, watch the video embedded below. At the time of writing this article, he has posted over 40 videos, covering a large variety of object, ranging from historic books to Newton’s Telescope.

Brady Haran

Brady Haran is an independent filmmaker who creates a lot of YouTube Channels. He may be most famous for his work on Numberphile or Periodic Videos, which is a collaboration with the University of Nottingham.

Pictures / Embedded Videos:

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