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Epidemic diseases were a tremendous problem in the large European cities from the middle ages until the early 20th century. The Industrial Revolution and the growth of the cities that it caused had made this problem even more eminent.

In December 2015 Extra Credits published their 9th Extra History series. In this series we learn about John Snow (no, not the “Jon Snow” from Games of Thrones) and the beginning of the Sanitary Movement. John Snow tried to find the source of a cholera outbreak in London in the mid 19th century. His systematic and scientific approach made him a pioneer in what we call today epidemiology.

England: The Broad Street Pump – Links to all Episodes

  1. The Broad Street Pump – I: You Know Nothing, John Snow
  2. The Broad Street Pump – II: Epidemiology Begins!
  3. The Broad Street Pump – III: Map of the Blue Death
  4. The Sanitary Movement – A John Snow Epilogue
  5. The Broad Street Pump – Lies
    This bonus episode features corrections, clarifications and points of discussion

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