When Diplomacy Fails Podcast

Our pick of the week is When Diplomacy Fails. This audio podcast is written, produced and narrated by Zack Twamley. As the name implies, the podcast is about wars, how they started and their results and consequences.

The podcast focuses on the following aspects

  • The situation before the war
  • The reasons for the war
  • Diplomatic activities before the war
  • How the war started
  • Key aspects and battles of the war
  • The end of the war and the results

The format of the podcast changed over time: For the first 19 episodes When Diplomacy Fails covered one war per episode. With episode 20 the format of the podcast switched to longer multi-episode arcs (such as World War I and the 30 Years War) to cover wars in more detail. Most episodes are about 30 to 45 minutes long.

The first episode of When Diplomacy Fails was released in 2012 and at the time of writing (February 2016) there are over 130 episodes and the podcast is still ongoing. Zack Twamley started the podcast when he studied history and has graduated in the meantime.

The podcast became more professional over time but even the first episodes are still worth listening to. The podcast is highly recommended. And the best thing: it is free.

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When Diplomacy Fails Podcast – Links

At the time of writing When Diplomacy Fails seems to be in the middle of switching podcast networks. Both links are available below.

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