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The Crusades were one of the defining aspects of European medieval history beginning in the late 11th-century. When he called for the First Crusade, one of the goals stated by Pope Urban II was support for the Byzantine Empire, however this goal seemed to go out of focus quickly.
Our pick of the week is Extra Credits‘ 7 part series about The First Crusade. As usual they provide a balanced, well researched and entertaining insight into a fascinating part of history.
As usual the last episode “Lies” wraps up the series with errata, Q&As, clarifications and points of discussion.

One key word you need to know is the term Indulgence (as used by the Pope and the Catholic Church):
“a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins”

Europe: The First Crusade – Links to all Episodes

  1. The First Crusade – I: The People’s Crusade
  2. The First Crusade – II: Peter the Hermit
  3. The First Crusade – III: A Good Crusade?
  4. The First Crusade – IV: Men of Iron
  5. The First Crusade – V: Siege of Antioch
  6. The First Crusade – VI: On to Jerusalem
  7. The First Crusade – Lies

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