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Have you ever wondered why there a so many Cristian churches / groups today, considering that Christianity started as a united group 2000 years ago. How Christian scholars and bishops disagreed to strongly with each other about doctrine, that they tore the Church apart – again and again.
The most fundamental schisms (splits of the church) happened already in Roman times and shaped not only Christianity but also the Roman Empire.


This Extra History series looks at the first substantial schisms.

Early Christian Schisms – Links to all Episodes

  1. Early Christian Schisms – I: Before Imperium
  2. Early Christian Schisms – II: The Woes of Constantine
    This episode includes a good explanation of the Trinity.
  3. Early Christian Schisms – III: The Council of Nicaea
  4. Early Christian Schisms – IV: Ephesus, the Robber Council, and Chalcedon
  5. Early Christian Schisms – Lies

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