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The History that Inspired Game of Thrones

The History that Inspired Game of Thrones

Of course the acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones is not a historical drama – far from it. However it took some inspiration from a very interesting period of medieval English history. The Wars of the...

World War II Memorial, Washington DC

World War II Memorial (Washington DC)

World War II ended in Europe 70 years ago. As I was recently in Washington DC and visited the National World War II Memorial, I think this is a fitting first post in the new Places of History category.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast

Dan Carlin has produced the Hardcore History podcast since 2006. Each episode I have listened to was passionate, well researched, detailed and therefore obviously also long. The podcast covers a wide range of historic topics from...


The Problem with Maps

The Earth is a sphere and as there is no perfect way to show the surface of a sphere on a 2D rectangle,  any map will have issues. There are many ways how a map can...

The History of Rome

The History of Rome Podcast

Our pick of the week is an audio podcast that covers the complete history of the Roman Empire. From the founding of the city of Rome until the fall of the West Roman Empire in 476....