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This is website is a hobby, a work of love.
It is intended to provide information for history lovers or for educational purposes.
I pay for web space and bandwidth and the site does not generate any income.

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Martin’s History by Martin Kramer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License

This license includes all pictures/images taken by myself.

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While there is some doubt if this kind of website requires an “impressum”, it seems to be that it is better to have one.
The rest follows in German, as both myself as well as the site is based in Germany. Afterwards, please find below the official “impressum”.

Diese Website ist ein Hobby.
Ihr Ziel ist Informationen für Geschichtsliebhaber zur Verfügung zu stellen oder für Bildungszwecke.
Ich bezahle für den Webspace und die Bandbreite und die Website geniert keinerlei Einkünfte.

Es folgt das das offizielle Impressum.


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Martin Kramer
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