Recommendation Box Explained

For the recommendation box, we break down for which target audience we recommend the material (book, podcast, website, video, etc).

  • Casual Lovers of History
    People who have a casual interest in history. They prefer relatively short material (book, website, video, etc.) or material that can be consumed in shorter, self contained parts.Martin's History recommends for Casual lovers of history
  • Enthusiast Lovers of History
    They prefer material that goes into more detail and/or is longer.Martin's History recommends for Enthusiast lovers of history
  • Hardcore Lovers of History
    They prefer material that goes into a lot of depth, is detailed and long. As long as it is written well, they will also read professional/expert material.Martin's History recommends for Hardcore lovers of history
  • Pro, University, College
    Material  that needs to comply to professional standards, includes footnotes, detailed citations/sources, etc. It could be used as a source for a paper or to prepare for a university level test/exam.Martin's History recommends for Pro, Uni, College